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5 Axis Capabilities That Drive Economical Solutions

Capital’s 4Kw tube laser cutting system is specifically designed to achieve detailed cuts, complex geometries, and high precision in tube-based materials, including carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Our Mazak FabriGear 3D Tube Laser cutting system can be a real game changer when compared to more traditional manufacturing methods. Laser tube cutting has brought significant process and economic benefits to the fabrication and assembly of mechanical tubing, pipe and structural shapes with a wide range of applications.

Laser tube cutting and profiling offers high precision, ensuring intricate designs are accurately rendered on materials. Its flexibility allows for the handling of various tube profiles at impressive speeds, and its versatility in design supports complex and custom fabrication tasks. The method ensures clean cuts with minimal post-processing, and automated processes that enhance efficiency,

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    Laser cut tube steel

    Benefits of Laser Tube Cutting and Profiling

    • Productivity Improvements

      Our Laser consolidates many operations into one continuous cutting process which can then eliminate many manual operations such as sawing, drilling, punching, burning and machining.

    • Reductions in Downstream Assembly Costs

      The Laser provides tighter fabrication tolerances; beveling capabilities to minimize weld prep; slot and tab profiling facilitates piece part fit up and reduced assembly fixturing.

    • Added Degrees of Design Freedom

      The high efficiency of the process and its broad flexibility allow product designers to easily accomplish what would otherwise be economically prohibitive.

    Tube Profiling and Cutting Capabilities

    High Precision: Laser cutting is renowned for its accuracy. With a focused laser beam, even intricate designs and tight tolerances can be achieved on tubular components.

    Material Thickness and Length: With 4 kW of power, the laser profiling system can handle 12” diameter x 26 feet tubes and thicknesses up to 3/4″.

    Cutting Speed: 4 kW of power allows for high cutting speeds, especially when compared to lower-wattage systems. This means that projects can be completed more quickly, leading to increased productivity.

    Tube Profiles: Our system can accommodate various tube profiles – round, square, rectangular, and even custom or irregular shapes.

    Complex Designs: The precision of laser profiling means the system can produce intricate designs, slots, holes, and other features on tubular materials.

    Clean Cuts: The cuts are typically burr-free and of high quality, reducing the need for post-processing.

    Automation: Capital’s tube laser profiling system comes with automated loading and unloading mechanisms to streamline operations and reduce manual handling.

    Tolerances: With a 4 kW power source, very tight tolerances can be achieved


    Rack of mild steel tubes waiting to be laser profiled
    Good folks, easy to work with and very quality conscious.
    They have laser (10’ x 20’ bed) and forming up to 54’(!).
    Dave Worsley
    Oregon Iron Works