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Laser and Plasma Profiling

Cutting Edge Plasma and Laser Profiling

Capital’s state of the art profiling centers provide high quality fiber and CO2 laser and high definition plasma cutting services. The breadth of our cutting and profiling centers within a single source is unique to job shop fabricators in the Pacific Northwest.

We specialize in processing both ferrous and nonferrous metals, with a capacity to handle thicknesses up to ¾” and tubing wall thicknesses of up to ½”, we’ve got the versatility to bring your projects to life.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of precision and craftsmanship. Leveraging automation, we consistently achieve unparalleled efficiency, guaranteeing timely deliveries without compromising on excellence.

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    Industrial Laser Cutting Head Fabrication

    High-Performance Lasers

    With five 2-axis flatbed lasers harnessing a robust 4-6,000 watts of power, we offer unparalleled precision. Our expansive cutting table sizes reach up to an impressive 98” x 312”, ensuring we’re ready for both large and intricate tasks.

    Fully Automated Laser Cell System

    We employ 2 fully automated laser cells that deliver raw material from 10 shelf material storage elevators to the cutting center for processing and from the cutting center when the profiling is complete, all without the touch of human hands. With minimal human intervention, there’s a reduction in potential errors, lending to increased productivity, consistent quality, and precision.

    Next-Level Plasma Cutting

    Our 260 AMP, dual torch, high-definition plasma machine stands ready. Enhanced with a bevel cutting rotary head and a generous bed capacity of 12 x 48 feet, it’s prepared for any challenge.

    Dual Torch Advantage: Our cutting-edge 260 AMP plasma machine comes equipped with a dual torch system, ensuring quicker, more efficient, and diverse cutting capabilities. Whether you’re aiming for broad cuts or detailed designs, dual torches mean double the output without double the time.

    Bevel Cutting Mastery: Fitted with a rotary head for bevel cutting, our plasma machine delivers intricate angles and bevels with impeccable precision. The rotary head for bevel cutting ensures precise weld preparations and meticulous aesthetic finishes, elevating the standards of fabrication excellence.

    Good folks, easy to work with and very quality conscious.
    They have laser (10’ x 20’ bed) and forming up to 54’(!).
    Dave Worsley
    Oregon Iron Works

    Tube Laser Services

    We’re not just about flat metals. Learn more about our laser cut tube services.

    Laser cut tube steel