Quality Metal Fabrication Since 1953

Capital Industries was founded in 1953 by David Taylor Sr. After the war, he believed there would be a market for replacement parts and opened a small parts-making shop in a garage near his home. The company quickly grew by selling to customers in the timber, shipbuilding, commercial fishing and transportation industries. David Taylor retired in the early 1980s and turned over the business to his sons, Ron and David Taylor Jr. Ron became the president in charge of operations and David oversaw sales.

To stay ahead of customers seeking quicker turnaround times, Ron and David invested in new equipment and streamlined production methods. They acquired high-wattage lasers, plasma cutting machines and automation for key processes to adapt to the “just-in-time” flow of supplies and product distribution that reduces inventories.

Capital Industries could have come to an end one Sunday in 2004 when a fire consumed the office, main fabrication facility and the machines in it's path. The concrete floor was spalled so badly that it could not be patched. Ron and David chose to rebuild the business by purchasing more efficient machines that fit their goals for the future including twin Cincinnati press brakes that allow them to form 56' sheets of metal. Capital rose from the ashes more determined, more efficient and better equipped than ever before.

Ron’s sons, Kyle and Bryan Taylor, have joined him at Capital and Ron thinks the future of the business looks bright. Kyle and Bryan bring new ideas and fresh approaches that position Capital for whatever comes along in the future.